Green Dreamer Network

A sanctuary for grounding connections and the exchange of regenerative ideas and inspirations.

Green Dreamer Network


An extension of Green Dreamer with Kamea Chayne, this inclusive Network is here to unite those dreaming of a thriving planet to call home.

We realize the power of community in sparking creativity and collaboration, and we hope you'll find this a safe space to seek support and inspirations.

Get Access

Green Dreamer Network is open to connecting our past interview guests as well as listener patrons of the show.

#GreenDreamer: Become a patron to gain access to the network and to receive bonus monthly mini-episodes, get listed on our website, and get sneak peeks of what we're working on. 

#GreenLeader: If you're working on a passion project and are eager to uplevel and elevate your work and impact, you can become a #GreenLeader patron to also participate in live monthly masterminds that Kaméa Chayne leads and hosts.

Note: New patrons will be added the first week of every new month.

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